Dec 27, 2016

Our Family Christmas

Warning: This is a picture heavy post. 

I will do posts on various family gatherings, but this post is just Bryan, Charlie and I. 

The three of us went to the 4 pm family service at our church on Christmas Eve. They have nursery for the 2 and unders, but we wanted to see if Charlie would enjoy the service. 

He made it through the whole thing. He didn't listen to the sermon, of course, but he wasn't the most disruptive child. So that's a win. 

Probably the sweetest moment of this whole Christmas season was when we were singing O, Come, O, Come Emmanuel. Charlie stood on the pew between us and held each of our hands as we sang. 

After church we went to Panda Garden for the traditional Chinese dinner. My dad's family always goes, but they don't go until Charlie's bedtime, so we went by ourselves. 

Once at home we opened presents to/from each other. 

I give Charlie an ornament each year. Bryan helped him put it on the tree. 

Charlie's Santa loot. 

When he got up we told him that Santa had home. He was so excited. I think I'm going to make him take a picture every Christmas morning on the stairs. 

We did stockings Christmas morning. 

Bryan did a great job on mine this year. 

Our attempt at a timer family photo. 

Selfie family photo complete with crying toddler. 

It was a sweet, fun Christmas. Charlie brings so much joy and fun to the season. 

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