Dec 13, 2016

Christmas Decoration 2016

For Christmas this year I got a new house to decorate! Haha. I remember so clearly when we bought our first house the week after Christmas I thought about decorating it all year for the next Christmas. I was not quite so eager this year. 

I think having to decorate the house for the rest of the year has me a a little burnt out this year for Christmas. So I kept it pretty minimal, but still cheery. Here's a look at what I did other than the tree. 

I put my Angels and Nutcrackers on the mantle. I have good intentions of putting tree clippings in the vase in place of the cotton, but it still hasn't happened after two weeks. Stockings are hung by the chimney with care. 

Creche about the tv, Santa hat on the tv. Keeping it classy. 

I was slightly excited about decorating the banister. I put a decorative garland I've had on it and added some battery powered twinkle lights. It's a fun little moment in the front of the house. 

Vintage ornaments hung from the chandalier. 

There are some smaller moments of holiday cheer scattered throughout the house, but it just didn't seem photo worthy. Next year I think I'll go a little bit more all out. Until then, we are enjoying the Christmas season in the new house. 

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