Dec 8, 2016

Our Christmas Tree 2016!

Presenting our 2016 Christmas tree!!! 

The last few years we've gotten our live tree from Midtown Nursery and we've loved it. Each has been so beautiful. But with the new house and the new neighborhood we were eager to support our neighbor's business, Good Winds. So the Saturday after Thanksgiving (they were closed Friday), the three of us walked over and chose our tree. 

Then we walked it home! Yay for new traditions!!! 

It was a little tall. Darn you, lower ceilings! 

It took us about two days to fully decorate and Charlie is totally mesmerized. We spent about a week saying "DON'T TOUCH THAT!" but he's finally gotten the hang of it. He has his favorite ornaments he enjoys pointing out and he LOVES turning the tree on and off. 

It looks a little crooked in the pictures, but its not so bad in real life. 

Charlie seems to be understanding more and more this year. He points out Christmas trees all over and says "pretty" when he sees lights. What a fun season this will be! 

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