Oct 5, 2016

Shed Problems

We inherited this aluminum shed when we bought our house. Great for storage, not so great on the eyes. 

I've been staring at it all summer. It's the backdrop to our pool time and patio time. It's been bugging me. 

Pretty much since day 1 I've been scheming of what to do. Something needed to be done with the doors and shutters asap. 

This past weekend we finally got to work. Really it's our first project with the new house. Yay for finally making it ours! 

First we sanded.  I purchased a sander online as this was our first big sanding project. Gotta love a new power tool!

We hand sanded and scrapped the loose paint on the shutters. 

Bryan busted out the leaf blower to dust away all sanding dust and paint flecks. 

We applied two coats of decking stain to the door. We were super nervous to see how it looked because the door was in such poor shape. It is a cheap piece of plywood nailed to more cheap wood. There are many randomly placed screws which are visible. Plus, it's weathered quite a bit. 

But it actually took the stain pretty nicely and looks way way better than before. 

See, an improvement!

Charlie helped me tape off the shutters. 

We still need to add the door handle back on (also spray painted green), but such an improvement!!! 

I want to plant berry bushes on the front of the shed. Blackberry on the left, blueberry on the right. And I'm considering trying to espalier a pear tree on the side to the right.  Crazy? I can't decide. 

So while it's not totally done, it's way way better. 

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