Oct 6, 2016

One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Week 1

I am so excited to be able to participate in this round of One Room Challenge. I've followed along for years now and even participated a few years back when I put together my son's nursery. (Here's the finished room.)

Back in May we moved to a new home. It's about 1000 square feet larger than our first house and has a ton of space for us to grow into as a family. One of the most exciting things - for us at least - is that it has an official master bedroom and bathroom! Such a luxury coming from an older home with one bathroom. And the closet is attached to the bedroom... also something we didn't have in our first house. #firstworldproblems

We are of the camp that lives with a house for a little while before doing too much.  We moved in, put our furniture down, unpacked some boxes and hung a few art pieces. We've been here for four months now (how?!) and I'm dying to get rid of the purple rooms.  When we knew that we were moving I secretly got a little excited because I would finally have another excuse to participate in the One Room Challenge! And also getting to decorate a whole home again!

So the first room I want to tackle is our bedroom. It's a periwinkle color which drives me crazy. I am not a purple girl. Yet somehow both of our houses have had purple rooms. Here are my not professionally taken photos:

The view from the hallway. 

That door leads to our also purple bathroom with avocado green counter tops. Lord, help me. Perhaps I will save it for spring One Room Challenge? 

The door on the right is to our closet. 

I apologize for the terribly lit photo. I am not a camera pro, but I wanted to capture this wall with the little window. 

So here's my to-do list: 
  • Paint, obviously
  • Crown molding ??? It bugs me to no end that it is not in any of the upstairs rooms. Is this just a weird quirk or should it really be addressed? Please leave your opinion in the comments because I can't decide. 
  • Clean up random junk that does not belong in here
  • Switch lamp on the chest of drawers
  • Install curtains
  • Add interest over the cedar piece
  • Add art to wall next to closet

All the furniture and art hung will stay put. I may play around with the linens, but my budget is basically zero, so probably not. I know it's a lot of wood pieces in there, but again, budget. Eventually I'd like an upholstered bench for the foot of the bed. I've kept an eye out, but haven't found anything I have to have yet. 

I really can't decide about the crown molding. Does it add value to a home or is just superfluous? Please leave me your thoughts. I'm leaning towards adding it, but the lazy side of me says no. 

So there you have it. Check out the other One Room Participants here. I can't wait to see what everyone is working on! 

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