Oct 7, 2016

Coffee at Luke's

On Wednesday 200 coffee shops around the country re-branded for the day as Luke's, a throwback to a universally loved TV show, Gilmore Girls.

Bryan and I have been watching Gilmore Girls together since we were dating, 10 years ago. I remember watching the pilot the first night it aired and continued to be an avid fan. Together we've watched the show through at least 4 times, I've watched it at least once or twice more without him.

So when we heard that a local shop, City and State, would be among those participating we made sure we would be there. We arrived about 8:15 am and the line was wrapped around the door!

We probably waited over an hour and a half, just shy of two hours. There was a local singer playing his guitar just like the troubadour and everyone was in good spirits.

Above were my little Luke's waiting patiently in line. Charlie did amazingly well waiting. He didn't stray from us and made lots of new friends. 

We grabbed a picture under the sign just before we walked into the shop. An employee had just given Charlie a gourmet caramel candy, hence his weird expression. 

Cute little touches were added throughout the building like the cafe curtains and menu. 

It wouldn't be Luke's without a No Cell Phone sign! 

Finally we got our delicious coffee and some treats. The wait was a bit long for a normal Wednesday morning, but it was fun being part of a bigger event. 

We just finished watching The West Wing all the way through and are now excited to buckle down and watch all the Gilmore Girls seasons through again. We are in the middle of season 2, do you think we can make it before the new episodes? 

See you in Stars Hollow!

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