Apr 28, 2009

Sale of a Lifetime

Have you ever come across a sale that is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing?

On Saturdays, if I have some free time, I like to go to estate sales. They are great places to find some really cool stuff for the house for cheap. This past Saturday I went to one that used to be a home design store that recently moved. Everything in there was marked half off the original price, but things were still a bit expensive. I bought two little items and decided to come back the next day.

Sunday everything was half off the sale price. I can't even do the math on that. What's half off half off? Anyways, at those prices, how could I be as conservative as I normally am?!

Here's my loot, with the crazy husband lurking in the background. He went with me to carry all my goodies.

I saved $260 off the original prices and only spent $85. Hell yeah!

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