Apr 14, 2009

Bathroom Complete

Well, sort of… We have finished painting the bathroom. It’s done, except that I need to replace the shower curtain. Any ideas of what colors and patterns to choose? It will have to be custom made because of the way the shower is set up, so I can choose any fabric. Which makes the decision that much more difficult. Oh well. I’ve got time. The shower curtain is not at the top of my priorities right now.

Next big purchase is patio furniture to enjoy the spring time weather in the backyard with the puppy.

Completing the bathroom painting is a big step. The only thing left to paint now is the laundry room and we have both decided we could live with the sunshine yellow in there for a while. So this morning I went through the painting supply corner of the guest bedroom to weed out the cans we are finished with. Only a couple left! Maybe the guestroom can actually be a guestroom soon! How novel!

Oh how I love progress!

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