Apr 8, 2009


I love having fresh flowers. They just add something to a room. I always swore when I grew up and had a house of my own that I would have fresh flowers all the time. Well, reality has set in and I don’t have all that disposable income I thought I would have, but I still manage to buy some fresh flowers every once in a while. Usually when we entertain I will buy a $5 boutique from the grocery store.

We had Bryan’s family over for a birthday celebration last week. I bought the $5 boutique. I usually do one large arrangement in the entry room and then take a stem or two and put it in smaller vases in the kitchen and/or the bathroom. Spread the joy, you know. Nothing brightens your morning routine than seeing fresh flowers while you brush your teeth.

On a recent trip to Sam’s they had Easter lilies. Lilies are my favorite flowers. I tell Bryan repeatedly, so as to hint that I would not be mad if he brought some home. And one time he did buy me lilies. It was our wedding day. Unfortunately we got married that day and had to go on a honeymoon, so I didn’t really get to enjoy them. But there is this picture of me sitting on the floor with my wedding dress spread all around me, the flowers beside me, and I’m reading a sweet note that came with the flowers.

So Sam’s had Easter lilies right when you walked in the door. The sign above them said $15 something. I originally thought that was too much, but then there was another display further inside the store and I realized it was 3 for $15 something. Shazam! (That’s my new word.) Sold!

We had 3 lily plants, one large boutique, and two small boutiques scattered around the house. Even I think it’s a bit much, but it made me happy. Bryan came home that evening and loudly pronounced there were too many plants in the house before he could even say hi.

What is it with boys and flowers?

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