Apr 7, 2009


It's Saturday morning… I'm at a local coffee house to get some coffee and bum the internet. To me it's the perfect Saturday morning. Rolling out of bed and putting on the closest clothes, having someone else make you coffee, and hours of mindless browsing.


So dressed in yesterday's jeans and cardigan and the Lulu's Bra and Grill t-shirt, I head on down to a coffeeshop nearby that I haven't tried in several years. It has a great vibe, people talking from table to table, satellite radio, cool artwork. Unfortunately, no wireless signal… WTF?!


I asked… they have two… I can't pick up either. WTF! I have two options:

1) play solitaire for an hour or so.

2) carry my laptop around the coffeehouse looking like an idiot looking for a signal.


So instead of spending a leisurely hour or so of internet browsing. I'll quickly drink my cafĂ© au lait and then drive by my old apartment to pick up the signal there long enough to check my email before my old battery goes dead.  Lovely…. Add this to the list of why we need to get internet.


Happy Saturday!


UPDATE: Still working on the coffee. Three people have since come in with laptops and all seem to be working. WTF is wrong with my little Gwyn (that's the name of my laptop). This is not the relaxing Saturday morning I was planning on. When can I start drinking?


SECOND UPDATE: 4 laptops.

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