Apr 18, 2009


We're staying in an old Brownstone here in Boston. Built sometime in the 1800s... a long time ago. I am now thoroughly convinced there are ghosts in our room.

First, I know I packed a cell phone charger and put it on an outside pocket of my suit case. The zipper is totally gone. Bryan was convinced that there wasn't even a pocket there until he tore the whole suitcase apart and could still feel the cell phone charger inside. Any ideas on how to get into a suitcase without any zippers?

Second, we were both asleep, or at least me trying to sleep, and Bryan nudged my to say the fireplace was on. How quaint... but how did it turn on? So I got up because I couldn't sleep and the idea of sitting in front a fire seemed nice... but after a few minutes... it turned off. And now its making creepy sounds.

Help me! Weird things are happening and soon our cell phones won't work!

UPDATE: Zipper is totally busted, but got the charger out. Apparently fire is the only heat in this room... no ghosts after all.

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