Jul 28, 2016

Germantown Cemetery and McVay Gardens

Bryan loves going on spontaneous adventures. This is a re-cap of our latest one.

On Tuesday's I pick up our CSA bag from a nearby church. It's not far from our house and there is a back way we like to go that doesn't involve any major roads.

Bryan went with Charlie and I this week and on the way back he asked if we could stop and look at the old cemetery that was right there near the pick up spot. He loves history and we had noticed a historic marker there not that long ago.

So we stopped and got out. Just over the hill next to the cemetery (from the 1800s and early 1900s) there was a playground and then we noticed an outdoor auditorium too.

Charlie cracked me up. As we were walking along in the cemetery and were approaching the playground he saw it and realized what it was. He kept pointing and whining to go that way. So of course we had to spend some time on the slide. 

In the above picture you can see how close it is to the graves. 

Other than a couple of Pokemon players the whole park was deserted. It was a beautiful, shaded park that I hope we can go back to soon. 

Charlie was one hot and tired baby afterwards. 

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