Jul 26, 2016

Garden update

Not long after moving into our new house I noticed a tomato plant in one of the front beds. Two actually.

Can you spot it above, near the hostas? So random. I'm guessing someone left their lunch remnants behind to rot in the bed? I don't even know. But we somehow got two tomato plants. 

They were growing but not blossoming because they don't get enough sun in this bed. For weeks I've been meaning to transfer one of them to the garden and last week I finally did. 

It was a bit withered by the time we got to the garden and got it in the ground. I did not have high hopes for it. But it's still there, although still no blossoms. 

One day last week I arrived to the garden to see this. 5 tomatoes on the ground. Argh. So far more tomatoes on the ground than I've gotten to eat. 

Here we are on Monday. It really doesn't look like much. 

I spent a great deal of time, energy and sweat on the okra last week. There is a weed out there that looks very much like okra, lazily I've pretty much just let it go. Until the other day. I figured out the difference between the two and went at it. Now I've got a row of semi-healthy okra plants. 

My Monday harvest above. I get about this much okra every visit (every 2-3 days) which has been nice. We love love love oven roasted okra, so it's been nice to have some each week. 

I'm a bit  frustrated with my tomatoes. I started out with almost 30 and have about 5 plants now. Cherry tomatoes are doing okay, although water fluctuation is not so great, but my bigger tomatoes are just not producing for me. And what does produce gets picked up by deer.  And to top it off the plants themselves are starting to look brown and sad. 

Tomorrow I'm planning a big trip to the garden. I need to fertilize, prune, and do some major weeding. 

What's happening in your garden? 

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