Jul 14, 2016

The Den

Yesterday Mom came over and we hung up these wood molds over the couch. 

We loved the hunt prints in the den, but there was a bunch of room that needed to be take up on either side. We originally thought of some plates that my mom had in storage that Bryan had said he liked. (How sweet was she to remember this?) but when we got them out we hated them (mom and I, Bryan still liked it). So we were back to the drawing board.  

Mom had these wood molds at her house. She had them hung and displayed in her bathroom before she re-did it. And they are perfect here. They add texture and dimension to the room.

So what are they? Iron molds. My great-grandfather had an iron foundry in Americus, GA. Charlie's middle name comes from him, so it's especially sweet to have something from him in our home. 

I really should have fluffed the sofa before taking a picture. Oh well. 

I adore the lamps that I found on Everything But The House. They need to be adjusted as the shades go whoppy, but they work for now. 

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LeeLee said...

Looks great. I love the history behind the items.