Aug 8, 2016

Garden update

Another Monday, another morning at the garden. I've gotten into a bit of a routine now with the garden since we haven't had much rain in the last several weeks. I normally go Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. 

I try to do a bit of weed management, harvesting and watering each trip. 

I have five surviving tomato plants. They are in various degrees of sadness. This one was particularly sad. A couple weeks ago I trimmed back the dead leaves. 

But I spent some more time with it this morning and this is it after. I'll keep an eye on it to see how it helps. I did pull off one horn worm this morning. 

This is my row of okra. In my last post I mentioned I had done some serious weeding in this row but I hadn't taken a picture yet. Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of weeds, but the okra is the most dominant and that's about all I can manage. 

Hello, Okra! 

My only surviving peppers are two Hungarian Paprika plants. A few are starting to turn which means I need to start researching how to dry them. 

Today's harvest included the most okra at one time so far. This is enough for Bryan and I to eat at one meal. The last several weeks I'd combine Monday and Wednesday's harvest for one serving. Anyone know good okra recipes?  

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