Jul 6, 2016

4th of July Weekend

Whoohoo! 3 Day weekends are the best! Even when you stay at home, long weekends are still a nice treat.

We spent lots of time outdoors, mostly in the pool. 

Uncle Bunny, Trey, came over on Saturday afternoon to swim and eat dinner with us. 

On Sunday Bryan's parents and some friends came over.  

Notice in the photo above how Roux is standing at the edge of the pool? Yeah, she's obnoxious around the pool. Barking almost constantly and super anxious. Ugh! If anyone knows how to curb this behavior please let me know!!!

We all went to the garden to work for about 30 minutes or so. I love it when the whole family goes. 

We took Charlie afterwards to the park at Shelby Farms. Though we had passed it a couple of times this was our first time exploring the actual playground. Charlie mostly just loves to run around right now. We'll be back soon though. 

We did more swimming Monday morning and afternoon before the storms rolled in. It was a great long weekend! 

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