May 3, 2016

Charlie: 15 Months

31.5 lbs
31.5" long
Words: mama, dada, kitty, done, eye/I
Favorite toys: Mama's cell phone, books, rocking chairs

He's such a goofy, happy boy and we couldn't be more delighted in this mess. 

Charlie is a full time walker now and is definitely getting into everything as everyone says they will.  Gone are the days of him staying in one room where we can keep an eye on him. Oh no, he's all over the house. And he has opinions now too! 

He continues to eat and sleep well. He has three teeth. 

Charlie is a joy and it's hard to describe what it's like to be his parent. Difficult at times, but over all, delightful. 

We love you Charlie Bear! 

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