Apr 19, 2016

Things to do before we move out of Midtown Memphis

Since we have 4-5 weeks left in Midtown, Bryan  and I have been making mental lists of things we need to do before we move. Both the practical and also the things which take advantage of this awesome location.  I thought I'd get it out of my head and into a post so I can free up some space for the ongoing rug and curtain debates. (Side note: did I put so much thought into decorating my first house? I can't remember.)

Midtown Bucket List: 

  • Walks to the park
  • Walk to Favorite Restaurants:
    • Bosco's
    • Robata's
    • Kwik Check
    • Huey's
    • Molly's
  • Dinner at Dino's!
  • Spontaneous trip Downtown because it's only 5 minutes away
  • Shell Concert - unfortunately not going to happen before we close. (Insert sad emoji here)
  • Walk to the zoo
  • Last visits to Cash Saver and Joe's

We will keep updating as we think of more things. 

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