May 10, 2016

Weekend Report

We had a busy weekend filled with lots of fun activities so I thought I'd share. Friday Charlie and I met Mom in East Memphis to go shoe shopping. Charlie needed some summer sandals. GrandJan hooked him up with two new pairs. 

Afterwards the three of us went to the Greek Festival. We enjoyed a nice hour or so sitting on the lawn enjoying the Greek music and some wine. Our men met us after work/travel and we shared a nice dinner outside as well. 

Saturday morning Bryan ran the Latino Memphis 5k. His running buddy is the race director so Bryan has run it the last two years to show solidarity. Charlie and I watched. 

And yes, C is wearing the same outfit two days in a row. If he doesn't get his clothes super dirty I let him wear them at least twice. And it's easier to just wear them two days in a row so you aren't wondering how dirty this shirt is. It makes life simpler and the laundry lighter.

Post race we enjoyed Brazilian BBQ and the salsa competition. 

I spent the afternoon at the garden while the boys stayed home and napped. 

Sunday, also known as Mother's Day, Bryan made us beignets for breakfast! 

After church we met the Baddorf's for lunch. Charlie and I slipped home for a much needed nap. 

For dinner we went to my grandparents house for a nice dinner.

It was a wonderful, fun weekend.

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