May 5, 2016

The Worst Bathroom We Saw

We spent several weeks actively looking at houses. We guess somewhere around 30 houses total, I wouldn't be surprised if it was more like 40. Since we were looking in one area in particular most houses were of the same style, year built, and quality. There was one bathroom that stood out above all the others: 

This was a bathroom/bedroom in a converted attic space. Ya'll. I can't even. You go up stairs through a nice little den and there is a big open games room. Looks like it hadn't been redone since the late 70s, but it was perfect game/bonus space for the kids. Then you go to the far end and open a door. To this. Actually, you walk in and think its a bedroom, and to your left was this.

Hollywood style bathroom lights, a toilet tucked into the eaves, CARPETED raised tub.

It was impressive. So impressive I couldn't delete these photos off my phone until I wrote this post, well over a month later.

I try not to think about what went on in this bathroom/bedroom when it was created. Lord, help us all.

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