May 9, 2016

Garden Update Monday

It's officially garden season.  No more puttering around, it's the real deal now. 

On Saturday I met my grandfather out at our Shelby Farms plot to get started. 

The Farms plows up the rows, but after sitting for a few weeks the dirt is still really firm. So Gramp tilled up some of our rows. 

We get 8 100' rows. It's hard to see in these photos but there are little flags and markers to mark the end of our area. 

What I planted: 
4 jet star5 Cherokee purple
4 Amish paste
3 Eva purple ball
4 Italian heirloom
4 cherry Roma
4 black from Tula
2 alma paprika

My roma tomato seedlings were still really small so I kept those at home in the greenhouse until they mature. My pepper seedlings either didn't start are still really small. So I only brought the paprikas out to plant. I'll replant some more seeds today if I get the chance. 

Sunday at 4:45 
I stopped by the garden on the way out to dinner Sunday night. They were so dry it killed me to leave without watering them. But I was not wearing the shoes to water and also didn't have time. Ugh! 

Monday 8 am
So Charlie and I left the house early to water my babies. #CrazyPlantLady All but two looked like they will survive! Hallelujah! 

I am sharing this plot with my grandfather. On Saturday Gramp planted an entire row of okra. He also plans to plant some beans. I think he was shocked by the amount of tomatoes I planted. And this year I showed restraint! No new tomato varieties! 

On the home front I am experimenting with cuttings. One of the things I'm going to miss most about this house are my established herbs. I'm trying them in water at first. After 5 days the mint and thyme seem to be dying so I will try those in dirt soon. But the marjoram is already sprouting roots! 

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