May 18, 2015

Monday Morning Garden Update

Alright, so it's no longer morning, but whatevs. Here is this week's garden update: the big news: seedlings! Lots of sprouts from the beans I planted last week and some cucumbers and basil starting to show.

Edamame sprouts

I've loved watching the beans sprout. I noticed the first hint on Thursday. By Friday they were poking out and here they are on Sunday, already several inches tall! 

Confession: right after I took this picture I ate it. 

Tomatoes. I plan on planting the rest this week. I'll have a few leftover to give away. 

Second set of peppers sprouting! 

We had some lettuce this week from the garden which was so nice. 

More rain in the forecast for this week so I'm not sure when I'll get the tomatoes in the ground.

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