May 28, 2015

Antique Window Latch Curtain

My closet is just on the other side of Charlie's room. The door between the rooms has been removed by a previous owner. It hasn't been an issue, until now. 

I am in this room multiple times a day. Not just to get dressed but I also store craft supplies and items I sell online.  Bryan also stores samples in there. 

We needed a curtain to block out the space. Charlie could tell we were in there based on our shadow movements. That sneaky kid. 

So I enlisted my window treatment expert/Mom to figure out a solution for us. She ordered fabric to match the curtains in Charlie's room and made a panel. 

To hang the panel she got really clever. 

She picked up three antique window clasps from our local salvage shop. Then we sewed on the rings and screwed in the clasps. 

We can open the curtain if we want, but it pretty much stays closed. 

I love this solution. It looks good and is functional. And it matches his room and my closet! 

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