May 12, 2015

Charlie: 3 Months

Currently Charlie is 3 and a half months. I've quit counting the weeks, but I think it's like 14 or 15.

He's growing like crazy. Some of the 6 month clothes we have for him are a little snug. I wish baby clothes were consistent. It's hard to know what will fit and what won't.

Everyone said that things get better at three months. They were right. He's sleeping consistently. Eating well. And is starting to show some of his personality.

He loves laying on my legs facing me and talking. Every day he makes new sounds. Yesterday were more G sounds, today it's more H sounds and squawking. It's precious.

He's starting to pull things toward his mouth. So I started trying to help him put his pacifier in his mouth himself. He wants to do it and is getting better and better every day.

He doesn't care to be held too much. Preferring to lay on the couch cushion, floor, or in his swing. But he does tolerate us holding him up to look out at the room. He's almost got full control over his head. Almost.

He's beginning to play with toys. Especially with his baby gym.

The Rock-n-Play is pretty much the greatest baby contraption ever and I'm going to be really sad when he outgrows it. He naps in it every day. And we will put him in it when we are outside in the garden or eating on the front porch.

The last few days we've been transitioning to a new schedule/routine. He is eating every four hours instead of three.

We still swaddle him, but I'm wondering how long we should continue to do so. I like to do it because it's a signal to him that it is nap or bed time. But he almost always gets out of it. He does sometimes wake himself up with his hands. I have a feeling that the swaddle will end within another month or so.  But I'm sure a lot will change in the next month or so. They grow up fast!

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