Apr 2, 2015

New Orleans March 2015 Trip... Traveling with a Newborn

We did it. We took our first trip as a family of three! I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to do it until the last minute... mainly because I was being a Nervous Nelly and wasn't sure how it would go. But in the end I thought traveling with the newborn would be better than being home alone with the newborn for three days.  I was also anxious to get back to New Orleans. The last time I was able to go was last summer when I had just found out I was pregnant. And I was ready to get out of the house and see something new. A change in scenery was much needed.

We borrowed my mom's mini-van and packed it to the gills. Bryan was working a few events and needed his try-on shoes. Charlie and I wouldn't have been able to fit in our car with all our gear and with Bryan's work stuff.

Charlie did okay during our six hour drive. We had to stop a few more times than we normally would have if it was just us. But that's okay. We had the time this trip to do so. I did end up having to sit in the back with him about half the trip since the little mister was refusing to nap in his car seat.

Highlights of this trip include:

- Drive through Daiquiri's! This has been on my life list for a while now. Incidentally it is perfect for parents of young kids who are forced into going back to hotel rooms instead of enjoying the nightlife New Orleans has to offer. Daiquiri's and HGTV are not a bad way to spend an evening, my friends.

- Beignets and Au Lait at Morning Call in City Park. Cafe Du Monde is the traditional place to go in the Quarter, but I had heard good things about Morning Call. One thing I loved about their beignets is that you top them with powdered sugar yourself. I typically have to dump a pound of powdered sugar off my beignets at Du Monde, so this was a plus for me.

- Lunch at Cochon. Do yourself a favor and eat there. It is our favorite restaurant in the world. Ever. Also, make sure you order the oysters.

- Walks through the Garden District and French Quarter. While Bryan saw an account Charlie and I went for a walk through the Garden District. On Saturday Bryan accompanied us on a walk through the French Quarter. New Orleans sidewalks and streets are notoriously bad, but this is great for leisurely strolls with baby. He loves a bouncy ride and snoozed through our walks.

A few more pictures:

Bryan was weirdly excited about changing Charlie in public on a park bench.

Traveling with a newborn was not terrible. High praise, I know. In the end I'm really glad we got out and ripped the bandaid off our first trip as a family of three. It got us out of the house and back into the world. With a newborn it's super easy to hibernate and forget that there is life outside of what is happening in your own little world.

Charlie slept just as good in the hotel room as he does at home. This is thanks to our hotel which provided us with a crib. Although he does nap really well in the Rock-N-Play, so he might have done just fine with that.

We moved a bit slower than when it is just the two of us, but that was alright. We enjoyed the leisurely pace of slow walks, taking in the scenery, and enjoying long meals while he snoozed. I spent more time in the hotel room while Charlie napped, but I loved the excuse to binge watch HGTV and lounge around in bed.

We won't be planning any big vacations to exotic locales anytime soon - or at least not with Charlie accompanying us - but it is nice to know that we can still travel and have a good time.

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