Apr 22, 2015


This past weekend Bryan and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. In some ways it's hard to believe it's been that long. In other ways I can't remember a time without Bryan in my life.

To start off the celebrations we had a family lunch at Beauty Shop. Charlie got to come and was on his best behavior. 

We dropped him off at my parents house afterwards and went car shopping. Back in January I was in a wreck and insurance totaled my beloved Saturn. We've been using Bryan's car ever since. It really hasn't been an issue since Charlie was born two weeks after the wreck and Bryan hasn't been traveling much. May starts the travel season so we have been looking for a few weeks now.

We went out to Collierville and ended up purchasing a new Dodge Journey. We aren't new car people, but we got a good deal and it was only $2000 for a new car over last year's used car. Seems worth the extra money to us. 

After having it a few days I'm in love and now look for reasons to drive. Still working on a name for it, though. 

For dinner Bryan made reservations at Andrew Michael's Italian Kitchen. It's one of our favorites but it's a special occasion place. We got the five course chefs tasting and it was wonderful. I'd definitely recommend it if you go. 

We enjoyed spending some time together without Charlie. Date nights for the win! 

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