Apr 21, 2015

Fruit update!

This week I didn't do too much in the garden besides weed and water. So I thought I'd give an update on some of my fruit. 

The pear tree I planted last spring in the front yard is thriving. All winter it looked like a sad stick in the yard, but a few weeks ago it busted out in leaves in practically a day! Now it is covered in leaves and putting out new branches. If it puts out any fruit this year I'll be shocked. 

The existing blackberry bushes are also putting out new growth. I have high hopes for an even bigger yield this year. Maybe even enough for a whole cobbler. 

My limes did not fare very well this winter. One looked to have a disease and the other I think got too cold. I thought they might be dead, but behold! New growth! This particular one is looking better than the other. 

My lemon, I'm afraid, is dead. 

The fig tree I purchased last year wintered inside and is doing well. We will need to plant him soon. 

Strawberries! Looking healthy! 

Tomatoes are growing well. Peppers are still showing no growth. I'm going to try starting some more from seed this week. 

I went to some spring plant sales on Friday so I have a little work to do with new purchases today. I'll post on those next week. 

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