Apr 8, 2015

Family Photos

For months I've been stressing over photographs. Having a baby means needing newborn pictures and sending birth announcements. And what about maternity photos? Did I want those? Not really, but should I still take them anyways? And don't get me started on newborn photo trends. Barf.

I reached out to an acquaintance who is a professional photographer. I really love her style and asked if she could take some newborn shots or could she recommend a photographer who would take them and had a similar style. I was so excited when she said that they could do a lifestyle photo session at our house. I might have squealed with delight. Okay, I did. I squealed.

Savannah and her husband, Philip, came over for a few hours one Monday morning while Charlie was six weeks old. They captured our sweet morning routine, complete with a pie breakfast.

I'm so pleased with these photos. I will forever treasure them and this sweet, but tiring, time of life.

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