Jun 28, 2012

Vacation Recap Part 3: DC

Sunday afternoon we left Charlottesville and headed down Constitution Highway to DC.

We checked into our hotel and after resting a few minutes (and checking to see if we got HGTV - we didn't) we headed out. We walked about 5 blocks to the Metro station.

For dinner we went to the Old Ebbit Grill. One of the things we both wanted to do was to see the monuments at night. So after dinner we walked around the corner towards the mall and got ot see afew buildings.

the White House

The Washington Monument

The Capital

We then headed to the Willard for drinks. This was one of Bryan's must-dos.

Monday morning we stopped for bagels on the way to the Metro. Our plan was to hit the mall.

Much of the mall was under construction which was a bummer. But we saw the main things.

For lunch we had been recommended to try Founding Farmers. I'm so glad we had heard of it because it was amazing. Great local food and beer.

Service was amazing too!

Out waitress had suggested the Capital Bike Share. I was hesitant to ride bikes around the city, but I'm so so glad we do. It was my favorite part of DC.

We spent the afternoon riding the bikes around seeing more monuments.




By late afternoon we had hit up most of the monuments and decided to ride the bikes along the Potamac to the boardwalk area. This was probably my favorite part of the day. The bikes created a breeze and riding along the water gave me a sense of peace after a hot, hectic day.

We docked the bikes and settled into a table for beers and people/boat watching.

Afterwards we walked up to Georgetown and had dinner. Wish we had more time to explore the Georgetown neighborhood.

Tueday we knew we didn't have too much time since we wanted to get back to Norfolk in time for dinner. But we both wanted to go to Arlington.

We were just in time for the changing of the guard. As soon as we reached the tomb of the unknown solider it started raining.

It was moving to be there.

From Arlington House

For lunch we went to nearby Alexandria and had fish and chips.

Then we hit the raod to Norfolk where we had a great dinner with Brett, Sarah, Wes, Katie, and Evie. We cherished spending time with our sweet friends.

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