Jun 1, 2012

Cookbook Review: White Trash Cooking

As part of my summer goals, I am going through cookbooks this summer, making meals and deciding if they are worth my precious cookbook bookcase space. Last week I tackled White Trash Cooking by Ernest Matthew Mickler.

I bought this book as a joke last summer. Turns out, its kind of awesome to read by itself, without cooking anything from it. But the recipes looked good... well some of them. Not sure about Cooter Pie, but there were more than a few I wanted to try.

Here's what I made:

- Red Beans and Rice: I've been meaning to make red beans and rice for a while, especially on a Monday. I don't actually like red beans and rice, but I was wiling to give it a try. Maybe its one of those foods that I only like if I make it. Turns out, it was pretty good. It made a heck of a lot though. We tossed out enough to make me feel guilty.

- Netty Irene's Macaroni and Cheese: my new go-to way to make homemade macaroni and cheese. Without giving away the whole recipe, lets just say its topped in bacon. And while the bacon never got crisp enough for my liking, I pulled it to the side and the flavor of it was in ever delicious bite.

- Chicken Stew (white): my first disappointment. It turned out fine, but kind of bland. Chicken doesn't need to be bland. Not terrible, just not great.

- Minda Lynn's Cold Potato Salad: I made a big batch for the holiday weekend. Nothings more American or Memorial Day than homemade potato salad. The thing about this recipe is that it gives you a starting point. Potato salad is one of those preference foods. I prefer more eggs and pickles to mayo and mustard.

- Mrs. Henry Dorsey Short's Real Country-Smoked Ham: Holy Moly! This recipe is worth the price of the book alone. Its easy. So easy its not even really a recipe. Ham is another one of those foods I really don't like, except when I make it, apparently. This will now be on the rotation of foods for holidays. Feeds a lot and is super easy and delicious.

Without a doubt, this book is a keeper. Made me try and love two foods I don't like and makes me laugh. That's not something you come across in most cookbooks.

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