Jun 25, 2012

Cookbook Review: Casserole Crazy

Last week we ate from Casserole Crazy by Emily Farris. I purchased this a few years ago and probably made two, maybe three dishes from it since. They were good, but I wasn't drawn to continually cook from the book. Although when it comes to cooking I am a bit ADD.

After getting back into the swing of regular life after vacation it was good to have some hearty meals. Here's what I made:

Beef and Spinach Pie: Bryan whole heartedly thanked me for making this dish. He loved it. Its a good manly man meal, but also a good one dish meal. I didn't fix any sides to go with it. What you see is what you got. Another bonus of this recipe: it made two! One is in the freezer for a later date.

Lemon Chicken with rice: Pretty standard casserole concept. Chicken and rice. It was the most blah to me of all of them. But I am going through a weird chicken aversion phase right now.

Spinach and Spicy Chorizo with Penne: this was probably our second favorite. It had everything you could want. Sausage (I substituted ground sausage for chorizo as Kroger didn't have any), greens, cream, and pasta. This made a ton and could have easily been divided into two.

Zuchini and Corn Bake: this was sort of a failure. The texture was a bit off and was pretty unremarkable except for the rosemary I tossed in on a whim. Won't make this again for sure.

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