Jul 15, 2008

Newlywed Food

So The Baddass and I like to make our own pizzas. This is a very creative process which usually involves left overs and sometimes a frozen pizza which we just add with my delicious things. I'm not really sure how this came about. I think it was his idea. You see, my husband doesn't like to follow recipes. He just finds what he has and just does something with it. Which I guess is pretty good since we're on a budget (or something like that). Anyways, last night we made one of our best ones yet, we call it: The Steak, Asparagus, & Corn Lover's Pizza.
Here it is before the cheese. I artfully placed the steak and aspargus as The Baddass chopped away. I should have added more corn in hindsight. It was just a whim as we were cutting to add the corn. We had never experimented with a corn pizza yet, but after consuming it, we would recommend corn pizza.

Baking... I thought the heating element added an artsy touch to it, don't ya think?

The Baddass and our concoction. I did not get his permission to post this picture, oh well.

Oh, you should go out and buy this IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!

The Baddass is a little annoyed by my deep love for this product. I make noises that make him jealous when I eat this cheese..... Okay, I'll stop there.

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