Jul 5, 2008

Getting married changes things. This might be an obvious statement, but it takes a little while to realize its full effects. For instance, not so long ago I was a fashionista. I was pretty hot, co-workers declared me avant guarde, if thats not cool, I don't know what is. I went to the newest resturants. I had no place to decorate and could care less about home furnishings and especially anything related to the kitchen.

Now, two and a half months after marriage things are very different. I haven't put energy into my closet in a while, which means I'm left with that, "I have nothing to wear and I hate all this crap" feeling daily. Don't get me wrong, I still have cute things, remants of yester-year, but its just not the priority it once was. This deeply saddens me. Fashion and clothes was what defined me as a person. I was the stylish one of my friends. People I hadn't even met yet knew me as this way and had nicknames for me (still wondering if thats good or bad).

In the past three months I've spent more money on things for my apartment and kitchen than I have clothes and shoes. I can't put my finger on the moment when my priorities changed from the closet to the rest of the house? My best guess was when we found the uber cool apartment and I felt the urge to make the inside just as cool as the whole building. (Apartment/Building post to come later)

And now I spend time instead of looking at fashion week photos looking for simple, delicious recipes. My collection has grown by amazing amounts in just a few short months. The jury is still up on whether I actually enjoy cooking.

I do, however, enjoy the life I'm living with my husband. We do have a super cool apartment in an area that I love. I don't mind cooking as long as its something I'm excited about trying. Really my goal in the kitchen and recipe search is what is the easiest to prepare, yet the most delicious? And I love my home that I'm making. Its still definately a work in progress (which means: still more money yet to be spent on decorative objects and projects), but its home.

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