Jul 30, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

Months and months ago, maybe even a year or so ago, I had this random dream. I dreamed that the Baddass and I were married or at least living together, and I was making fried green tomatoes. This is weird because a) in the house I was raised in we never fried anything at all, b) the idea of me cooking at the time was laughable, c) Baddass and I were still merely dating, and d) it was just a freaky dream. Anyways, as part of my dream, I decided I'd just make some from scratch and happened to have all the ingredients to make it. This is weird now because my kitchen is still in its beginning stages and I'm always needing ingredients that are staples in normal people's kitchens.

Well yesterday I won a bet with a co-worker and we agreed I'd be paid in fresh veggies. Today she brought me tomatoes (the red and green kind) and cucumber. So I decided I'd try the delicacy known as fried green tomatoes. I just googled a recipe and clicked on the first one available. I have every single ingredient... and that's when I remembered the freaky dream I had long ago.

I'm totally freaked out right now.

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