Mar 8, 2017

Cooking Class at The Pasta Maker

This past Sunday I was lucky enough attend a sauce making class with my parents at The Pasta Maker here in Germantown. We have known the chef for nearly ten years now. Bryan and I really loved one of his first restaurants here in the Memphis area while we were dating. So much so that we had our wedding reception there. It was amazing. 

Chef Michele opened The Pasta Maker within the last six months and on Sundays he teaches classes. 

The class we took was sauce making. He taught us how to make three mother sauces and then some variations and implementations from there. 

First we chopped! 

We got to go back in the kitchen and watched as he cooked. He was great at showing us what each stage looked like and often we got to taste to tell the differences. 

The class lasted pretty much all afternoon and then we got to sit down, drink some wine and enjoy the fruits of our mostly his labor. I had a few leftovers to take home to my boys. 

They approved. While he did not give us written recipes or instructions, Mom and I took copious notes. I'm pretty excited to get in the kitchen in the next week or so to start making his sauces! 

If you have the opportunity or inclination to take a class there, GO!!!! It is so much fun and you will learn a bunch, even if you are a seasoned home cook. 

They are also open for dinner most nights and lunch on Thursdays. Go and eat if you don't want to learn to cook yourself. 


Melanie D said...

How much was this class?

Rachel Baddorf said...

I believe this class was $150 - my parents pay my way. But this includes 5 hours class time, all you can drink (espresso, cappuccino, wine), dinner and we took home a small lasagna.