Apr 13, 2016

Memphis Indian Grounds overlooking the Mississippi River

My brother needed some photos of the Indian Mounds for a project he was working on at work and he asked me to take some for him. I am so far from a photographer its not even funny, but I do have a pretty nice camera and I sort of know how to work it. Plus I'm always up for an outing, so I agreed to go with him and take some pictures.

I don't know much about the Indian Mounds other than they offer an amazing view of the Mississippi River. I vaguely remember coming by them on a field trip in elementary school.

Here is a link to way more information than I care to read about these mounds and the Fort.

If you want to visit, type in the the Metal Museum into your GPS, it's right across the street. There is not museum or markers or anything. But it's a quick, free diversion great for kids. Maybe not as young as Charlie, but it's fun to climb for those who are steady on their feet. Plus, the views!

For the record I do not recommend pushing a stroller up the mound. It was dangerous and stupid. 

Above is the view from the farther, smaller mound looking towards the river and the larger mound.

The old Marine hospital is in the same area. It didn't look like a lot was happening with the property at the moment. We heard about the plans a few years back on a LuniTects visit.

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