Aug 26, 2015

LuniTECTS: University of Memphis Health Sciences Building

Last week Bryan, Charlie and I toured the newest building on the University of Memphis South Campus. It will be used by the nursing department as well as the speech and hearing program.

Our first stop was the anechoic room, a totally sound-proof room that will be used for research.

Above is the floor. It was a wire floor suspended over more of the sound-proof panels.

Charlie was probably the first infant in the infant testing room.

One of the labs for nurse training. These mannequins were pretty freaky.

On the third floor there was a roof top terrace looking out onto Park and Audubon Park.

Charlie enjoyed being the center of attention for a few minutes while we were in the library.

A play/research room in the speech and hearing department.

Initially I was not excited about this tour, but it ended up being a pretty interesting experience.

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