Aug 12, 2015

North Mississippi Day Trip

Last week Bryan needed to call on a store in Oxford. Charlie and I decided to accompany him because a) we needed to get out of the house, b) we love Oxford, and c) we could use this as a little test to see how Charlie does in the car for long periods.  Once Charlie was up, changed, and fed we hit the road.

Oxford is just over an hour from Memphis and is one of our favorite places to visit. They have great shopping on the Square and amazing food for such a small town.

First stop was breakfast at Big Bad Breakfast. Charlie tried a few bites of my grits and didn't hate it! Bryan declared that they had the best bacon he's ever eaten.

After visiting with Matt at Full Motion Running and Cycling, Charlie had his lunch on the Square. It was a rainy day so we stopped under an awning to wait out a rain shower and feed Charlie. Not a bad way to kill some time.

The rain and cranky baby didn't stop us from doing a little shopping. We got our first Christmas present at Nielson's. Bryan also got some swanky boat shoes there 70% off! Then we went to Square Books, Jr. to look around. Charlie got two books and I picked up another Christmas gift. Tis the season! My only regret is that we never made it into the original Square Books. Probably better for our wallet.

Bryan and I were still feeling full from breakfast so we drove to Water Valley, MS to check it out and have lunch. After last month's feature in Garden and Gun we were intrigued. It was about a 25 minute drive from Oxford along back country roads.

We had lunch at BTC Grocery.

I ordered the daily special which included a garden salad, crawfish ettouffe, fried squash, and tea. Ya'll, the garden salad was truely a garden salad. It had fresh blackberries (not pictured because I ate them all), cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers from a local garden. I loved the addition of grapes and the homemade dressing. Mmmm... The fried yellow squash was also really good. I didn't eat much of the etouffee because I was still full, but we brought it home and Bryan enjoyed it the next day. The locals were super sweet and doted on Charlie.

Charlie did okay in the car. On the way back I moved to the back seat mid ride to help entertain him. He napped twice for thirty minutes. Not great when he normally naps for an hour and half two times a day. But he did pretty well and we can't complain too much.

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