Sep 14, 2015

Garden Update Monday

Good morning. It's been a few weeks since an update. We were out of town for 10 days just before Labor Day. It was great to get away and gave me the push I needed once back to get the garden cleaned up and ready for fall. 

The photos above were post vacation, pre clean up. I spent several hours over the last few mornings working the garden. I cleaned out a couple of beds and did a bunch of weeding. I also planted spinach, beets and carrot seeds for fall. I didn't purchase anything new this year. Just used up what I had from last year. 

Here we are this morning. My hard work is probably not even noticeable at these angles, but oh well. I love having photos from the same spot so I can see the gardens transition. 

In other news the asparagus is looking great. 

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