Jun 5, 2013

Summer 2013 Goals

You know I love goals! What's a summer if it doesn't include some weird goals I've set for myself?!

Here are some past goals:

Without further ado, here are 2013 summer goals:
- Throw a big ass party. This one's already done! Booya! Our Memorial Day weekend party was the biggest party we've ever thrown just for us. (Showers and engagement parties for others don't count.) We had so much fun seeing and hanging out with some friends.

- Sangria! I bookmark so many sangria recipes that I decided it was high time to try some! I've already made one recipe and I plan to try a new one every week or two throughout the summer.

- Pickles! I made a few pickles last summer, but this summer I really want to embrace it and try different things.

- Start learning to sew. I don't expect to become an expert by the end of the summer, but I do hope that I can motivate myself to start playing with the newly restored machine and learn a few basics.

- Window treatments. I sworn the last few years that that year was the year of window treatments and it has yet to happen. (Although to give myself a little credit I did make a sad looking valance for the bathroom.) This year is the year. I have the fabric, I have a working machine. No more excuses! By the end of the summer I'd like to have at least one treatment done. Doesn't even matter what it is. Just something.

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