Jun 14, 2013

Disbatch from NOLA

Yesterday we woke at an ungodly hour to drive to our favorite city. We made good time with one stop north of Jackson for bagels, coffee and gas. We see able to arrive early enough for a decent lunch. 

Since Bryan had an appointment and abandoning me we decided to eat at Liuzza's by the Track in mid-city. We accidentally ordered John Goodman's character in Treme's last meal: Abita amber, bowl of gumbo, and the BBQ shrimp po-boy. 

Bryan dropped me off at the edge of the quarter. It was hot. My plan was to wonder all afternoon but the heat was not bearable. I spent a couple hours in the Carousel Bar (it really spins) people watching and downing Pimm's Cups before braving the heat again. I walked back towards the Marigny and checked into our guest house. 

Bryan picked me up after his last showing and we drove over to the Garden District to meet a friend for drinks. St. Joes Bar is known for their blueberry mojitos. I had two of these delicious beverages. 

For years now I've been dying to go to St. James Cheese shop but its never worked out. We were around the corner and decided we could share some cheese before deciding what was next. We shared a three cheese board and a cured meat board and each had a local beer. To say I was in heaven is not an overstatement.  

I was wiped from the early morning and the heat so we went je and went to bed. 

Apparently Beau and Christina are also in town and we are planning/hoping to see them today. Bryan has a showing out of town this morning and then he is all mine!

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