Jan 25, 2009

Saturday's Goals

Yesterday I had several things that I wanted to accomplish.

1. Get a new dryer or solve non-working dryer situation.
2. Get my old bed and linens from my parents house and set it up in the guest bedroom.
3. Get a couple things at the grocery store.
4. Bevin's birthday party.

We accomplished only half of the list...

1. We went to a couple of places. We finally decided on what we wanted and decided to purchase it. Only to find out it would be 2 weeks before we could get it. Hmmm... We were sorta hoping we could get it with in the next day or so. So we asked about the model a step above, the Turbo, and a step below. The step below would be available about a week sooner. The Turbo is available for immediate installation. It what I wanted anyways... too bad its about $200 more than the one we were going to buy. At this point both our brains turned to mush and we spent the next 30 minutes sitting in the outdoor furniture just sitting.

2. We got my brother to agree to help us move it. All we needed was the Baddasses' parents van to transport the goods. Unfortunately we were unable to contact his father, so we couldn't get number 2 done.

So we got some coffee, visited the other Breakaway location, and went to Kroger for the grocery items needed, plus some. Then we went to several thrift and antique stores until the Baddass could take it no longer. My poor baby got up at 5 am and ran 18 miles and he was pooped. He took a nap while I watched This Old House.

We also accomplished #4, going to Bryan's brother's birthday party. A biker theme. I have nothing in my closet or any desire for anything biker-ish, so I didn't participate in dressing up. The Baddass was his Baddass self and dressed in spandex, a helmet, gloves, and sport sunglasses. He's such a stud.

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