Jan 19, 2009

Mojito Monday

In light of my latest liquor intolerance, I have switched from margarita Mondays to mojito Mondays. I don't mind rum, but don't put vodka or tequila near me, please. Tonight we will be impromptu entertaining (impromptu in that  we didn't plan it until after I left the house for the day): Mojitos and king cake!

As for a food update I bought Casserole Crazy, a super book filled with yummy casseroles. I have tried two and both were delicious. While it wasn't stepping out of my comfort zone, it has been a big step to be cooking more at home. There was about three weeks with Christmas and the move that we weren't eating at home. Tonight's dinner will be something new. I would tell you about it, but I can pronounce anything and my recipe is at home. So sorry.

We attempted to hang a few things yesterday... unfortunately we learned the hard way that our walls are not normal walls and we will have to figure out some other way to hang. I was really hoping to get the hanging out of the way so that it will clear out my guest bedroom as well as make some of the rooms look more homey. I guess that'll have to wait.

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