Jan 9, 2017

Snow Day!

On Friday we got about 2" of snow! For us, in the Memphis, TN area this is pretty rare, so when it happens it stops the whole city and we make it a big deal.

Since Bryan works from home, I don't work, and Charlie isn't in school it didn't really effect us. But we did get dressed and go out for a little while late morning. We were anxious to see how Charlie would take to the snow as he really hasn't seen any before. 

Looking out the window. 

Charlie did not like it. 

But it was oh so pretty. 

Charlie did not like being out in the snow and insisted that we carry him most of the time. Since 35 lbs of toddler isn't so much fun to tote around, we didn't spend too much time out. Bryan kept a fire going all day and on Saturday too. We still have some on the ground, but as tomorrow will be 60 degrees I doubt it will be around much longer. 

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