Jan 3, 2017

I fell in love with a pillow, also titled Memphis got an IKEA

On Bryan's birthday we received a very large gift, a new IKEA! Only 20 minutes away. Previously we had to go to Atlanta or Cincinnati, a 6 to 7 hour distance. I've only managed to go once before for a quick pitstop on a long road trip. It was less than ideal. 

I had been holding off going the first few weeks it opened because I didn't want to deal with crowds and I loathe the part of town it's in. Also, with Christmas and our birthdays I've been trying my best not to spend money on extra things. But the other day Bryan was busy with work and I wanted to get Charlie and I out of the house. We mostly try to stay out of his way when he's at home working, but he had a big deadline and I knew he could use some extra quiet time. Plus, we really needed some distraction. 

So off Charlie and I went early on a Friday morning. We arrived at 10:15 and they opened at 10. I guess everyone had the same idea I had because it was super crowded and no carts left. The idea of chasing an almost two year old all over a crowded Ikea did NOT sound like fun to me.  Charlie actually did fairly well staying close or holding my hand. By the middle we found a cart that I hoped was abandoned. I stood around for a few minutes watching and asking anyone super close if it was theirs before taking it. 

Since I didn't have a cart half the time it really helped in my not-buying-anything goal. All I had a picked up was a set of 4 dish towels. I had purchased a set on my initial visit and they have been a well loved and worn treasure. And for $3.99 you can't beat the price. Anyways, as we were walking I spotted a pillow that I loved. I decided to follow what Katie Bower does with her boys and takes a picture of the toy pillow for later. I snapped a quick photo with my phone and moved on. 

Further along, in the bedding area I spotted it again with coordinating sheets and duvet. I snapped another photo, wondering if maybe it would look good as Charlie's big boy bedding. Although it was a little bit more flowery than Bryan would like for a boy's bed. 

Charlie got in on the picture taking too. This is obviously pre-cart and I was starting to get tired. More adorable pillows. 

Later, after finding a cart and tossing a few organizers and some bathroom accessories in, but successfully avoiding the plants (a big feat if you know me well), I saw the pillow one final time. Between my previous sighting and this one it had dawned on me the colors would be perfect in my bedroom. I had thought for half a second about going back, but decided to wait. Knowing that I'll probably make another trip to Ikea just for fun with either Bryan and/or my mom. But low and behold, there was the pillow again! I snatched it up quicker than Charlie could look and proceeded to check out. 

It does look fantastic on our bed. I love that it brings a little more action to the room. Bryan is convinced it has tribal faces on it, even though I've told him numerous times its flowers. 

What are your favorite Ikea finds?  I'm looking forward to going again and really exploring. 

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