Jun 14, 2016

Life with a Toddler

Charlie is 16.5 months now. He's officially a toddler and into the "into everything" phase. Full force. He's a boy.  

One of the best things about the new house is being outside. We have ample outdoor space to play in. The drive way has been a big hit. I like to sit under the beautiful maple tree and watch him play. Our next door neighbors brought over this pink Crazy Coupe for Charlie to play with. He loves it, even though he hasn't figured out how to use it yet. 

He's also into the "I want to do it myself" phase. Lord, please give me patience. Shortly after this picture was taken he learned he could say the word "no". 

Perhaps one of my all time favorite photos. Bryan snapped this while I was cooking dinner. 

Another great feature of the new house. Different levels. While I cook dinner they can be upstairs and it's like I'm all alone. Just me and my podcasts. 

Outside in the driveway again. 

Charlie has such a fun, easy going, mostly happy personality, which we are so thankful for. He's been going through a fussy period the last week or so. Even his fussy times are not as bad as they could be. Thank you, Jesus, for a happy baby! 

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