Jun 9, 2016

Eat in Kitchen

The new house has an eat in kitchen! I've probably spent the most time thinking and pinning what to do with this space. Bryan wants it to be casual seating area for watching me cook, not necessarily for eating. He likes eating and using a formal dining room. Our dining room isn't that "formal" so it's not like we're living in Downton Abbey or anything.

However our dining room isn't that large. It's the one space that is smaller than our last house. And we do entertain, frequently. One of my priorities is to make sure we can host family events and that would mean keeping the breakfast nook functional for eating.

I found an English barley twist pub table on eBay and picked it up on Monday. It has two leaves you can pull out to make it 60" long. Perfect for holiday extra seating. 

We pulled extra chairs from other rooms for now. I'm trying to decide on seating next. I'm thinking of getting a bench to sit under the window and two cushy chairs for the ends. That way there will be comfortable seating for every day but can easily seat 6 or more when needed. 

I've also considered having built in cabinets built on the side walls. We could use some more storage but I'm not sure about sacrificing the space. 

Bryan suggested getting an area to define the space. I think he's seen too much HGTV, but he's right. It will bring in more color and coziness. 

All in good time though. 

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