Dec 18, 2015

Christmas Time is Here

Christmas time is here! Music everywhere!  Sorry, we've been listening to a lot of Christmas music around here. I thought I'd share a few snaps from my phone before the season totally gets away from me! 

I put up a little tree in Charlie's room. Minutes after I took this picture it fell on the ground and now it does not look quite the same. We sadly lost a few ornaments, but I don't put anything priceless on this tree so it's no big deal. Just a little sad. We're extra careful with it now. 

This was taken two weeks ago at Chad and Julie's house. We were getting together with the Baddorfs' for the first three December birthdays. Charlie with his cousins. Cade was around, but did not feel up for being in the picture. 

Our tree! Which took me over a week to decorate. Weirdly I have been a bit of a Grinch this year. Reluctant to decorate, in bad moods over family gatherings, slow to watch Christmas movies. I'm not really sure why, I'd think the opposite given that this is Charlie's first Christmas. My only idea is that because Charlie is in such a needy place right now I just don't have the energy or free time to devote to it. It's getting better though. We've watched several Christmas movies and went to my favorite Christmas event of the year last night. 

This was taken before church last Sunday. Charlie was looking pretty cute and festive and I had a few seconds to spare while Bryan was getting dressed. I'm so glad Roux wanted to get in it too. Priceless! 

Our sweet friend Emily had Charlie and I over on Tuesday and we made Christmas crafts! Here's Charlie with his hand impression ornament he made. 

Family photo!!! Last night we went to Clark's Christmas Dinner at the Majestic. Also known as the Christmas Vacation dinner. It's so fun to dress festive and go out, doing something fun for the holidays. Charlie didn't get to go, but I put him in Christmas jammies anyways.

I hope you are having a wonderful, peaceful holiday season! I hope to check back in later this month with more decorations and event recaps.

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