Oct 5, 2015

Garden Update Monday

Not much has been happening in the garden since the last update. I'm seeing some spinach and a couple of beet seedlings pop up. I'm still harvesting jalapeno peppers and some tomatoes.

I pulled up my sunchokes, or Jersualem artichokes, this morning. I'm going to have to investigate further on this.

These are the roots I pulled up. I dug a little bit, probably about 6" or so, should I have dug more? Or are the root balls the sunchokes? I'm confused. More research is necessary.

My tomato plants are out of control. I long ago stopped pulling suckers and they are just growing too leggy. Another garden savvy blogger I follow mentioned a few weeks ago about cutting off all the foliage and leaving just the green tomatoes. At this point we are weeks away from our first frost date.

I experimented with one of my Cherokee Purples that was particularly bad. I cut off the tops of branches and left the green fruit. I cut off all suckers and flowers. The point is to let all the plant's energy go to ripen the green tomatoes.

This is what I cut off. It looks like a full tomato plant. I'm going to watch the plant this week and see what happens. If successful I'll do the same to my other plants.

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