Oct 27, 2015


At church and in Bible study recently we've talked a lot about being authentic and honest. How we put a version of our best selves up on Facebook and social media. We think that others live this perfect life based on what we see, but often don't know the pain and sin behind those photos.

So in honor of "keeping it real" or being authentic, here are a few honest truths:
- I didn't want to shower this morning so I put in some dry shampoo and called it a day.
- Yesterday Charlie and I wore our jammies all day. And it was awesome.
- After bible study this morning he fell asleep in the car, so we spent about 15 minutes sitting in the drive way while he napped. Listening to Motown hits, checking in on social media guilt free since he was sleeping, and snacking on the extra snacks.
- There are leaves all over our house. Sometimes I hate fall.
- I have no idea what I'm going to do with that pint of cherry tomatoes on my kitchen island.
- My baby ripped a page out of our bible the other day. I used packing tape to put it back together.
- We've run out of laundry detergent. All dirty clothes, wash clothes, towels, and sheets will just have to wait until I get to the store and make some more. I'm thinking sometime by the end of the week?
- The shirt I'm wearing, my favorite shirt, has some loose buttons and sometimes they come unbuttoned. The nursery workers got to see my bra this morning. You're welcome.

Let's try to keep it real, you guys, and stop judging one another.

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